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Learn how to Manage Sales Better

HVS Methodology

Is all about understanding what the client (individual) really perceives as value.

  • At the lowest level of value provisioning it is the delivery of products and/or services.

  • At the next level it is your ability to significantly improve the client’s   business.
  • At the highest level you must address the personal, positive impact you  can have on the individual’s life by helping him achieve his business   goals and personal agendas.

Extreme sales leverage is gained when all three levels of value are provided to the client and the client organization.

HVS is also a set of processes that are linked together to form a coherent structure for the identification, qualification, pursuit and successful acquisition of significant sales opportunities.  Proper process implementation will ensure success based on the real value delivered rather than on the lowest price.

The HVS methodology extends well beyond the pursuit of sales.  It is an organizational culture change that requires rethinking your organization’s approach to business from the top down -- what is important to the client and how to turn the corporation into a value centric organization where everyone constantly asks:

            • What is my value to my company?

            • What is the value I bring to my clients?

            • How do I deliver more recognizable value to my company and clients?

            • How am I recognized and paid for the value I deliver?

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