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Insights / Positioning

DeerLodge Consulting focuses on two primary areas only, consulting services and education/training.  We first consult with the client and, if required, help establish specific goals and objectives relative to their sales and marketing organizations.  Once these goals and objectives are established, we provide consulting services to help reach those goals.   We also provide ongoing educational services and training at all levels to assure continuous improvement to the professionalism and profitability of the organization.  The baseline High Value Selling (HVS) programs and workshops can be tailored to specific company requirements.

The typical DeerLodge client will be either high tech or industrial multinational and have a geographically dispersed sales organization with 200 plus direct sales and sales support team members. 

Read more to gain further insight into the High Value Selling programs, what they are, what they are not, how they were developed, their content, where they fit and their application.

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