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Goals, Aspirations & Direction

Strategic goals are the long-term aspirations of the organization.  These are often part of the vision and/or mission statement.  They are not specific in nature but simply point a direction.  A strategic goal for a sales organization could be selling the value to be delivered as opposed to selling the product and/or service.

Another strategic goal could be the continued professional improvement of the sales organization.


Goals Can Become Reality

Both the aforementioned goals are generalizations of management aspirations.  They will never be accomplished unless they are elevated in focus and translated into specific objectives with supporting strategies, tactical plans and resources required to bring them to success.  In short, you need a commitment, a realistic plan, the discipline and the ability to execute it fully.

What’s In It for You?

Most organizations never really achieve their goals.  The reasons for failure are many, often stemming from the goals being unrealistic or there was no plan in place to accomplish them. Goal driven companies accomplish more; they are respected and their management team admired.  Individuals that are goal driven are most often the strategic thinkers in the organization.  They are a rare breed and almost always ascend to the senior management ranks quickly.  Start thinking and acting more strategically in everything you do and watch your rise in the organization.

What Makes Us Different/Why Us?

We look at your long-term goals.  If you don’t have any goals, we help you establish reasonable and achievable ones.  Once goals are established, we design and customize a program that will meet the key objectives that support the goals.  Each objective is supported with key strategy, action plan and resource allocation.  Success is assured because we work with your people for change, instilling the knowledge and putting in place the processes required for in-house sustainability.

Key Tools, Processes and Concepts that support the achievement of strategic goals:

Selling Value NOT Products/Service

WIIFMe (Personal Motivation)

1 Page Business Plan

1 Page Closing Plan

Dynamic Relationship Plan

Target Opportunity Reviews

Major Account Reviews

Sales Funnel - Multi-step

Personal Success Plan (4 Qtrs. Rolling)

Monthly Value Reporting

HVS Education Seminars


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