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Develop sustainable sales and marketing teams

Sustainable Sales and Marketing Teams

In order to develop sustainable sales and marketing organizations it is very important to have

  • The right environment – leadership
  • The right incentives
  • The right skills development programs
  • The right plan and processes in place
  • A superior level of organizational discipline

Miss anyone of the above and you are destined for mediocrity.  You will either fail completely or achieve only lack luster performance.  The overall goal of the organization must be to elevate professionalism throughout the organization, and with that to achieve continuous improvement in all areas.  A sustainable sales and marketing team must be constantly fine-tuned with respect to what is of value to their clients and their markets.

Sales Defined

Sales have been defined as the combination of Process and Discipline.  The right process and the right discipline go a long way toward the development of ongoing superior performance.  Without both process and discipline the sales organization is a “hit or miss” group of individuals who constantly complain about the competition, nothing to sell or their management team.

Professionalism Counts

Sales teams are like military units.  Some are extremely professional and some are marginal at best.  The difference is found in their leadership, motivation, education and training.  Many sales situations are analogous to professional sporting events.  When two pros get into the ring, the one that is best trained mentally and physically most often wins.  In the sales arena we often find that the two individuals that meet are mismatched.  If one is a sales professional and the other a traditional sales person, you know who loses.  It’s always politics, price or company positioning that lost the sale; it wasn’t the salesperson – right?  Remember real value and relationships count.

What’s In It for You?

From a your company’s perspective, the development of a sustainable sales and marketing team can be the difference between being a “fair weather” company or a “bell weather” company, a company that folds when the going gets tough or a company everyone can count on in good times or bad.  From a personal point of view, it is always better to have a career or quest, to continually grow and develop rather than hiding under the desk trying to avoid a layoff.  Those individuals that do not grow and produce value and are not recognized for their contributions are always the first to go – and they should be.

What Makes Us Different/Why Us?

We believe that every organization and decision process is driven by both emotional and logical considerations.  Therefore, the formula for the sale is Emotion + Logic = The Sale.  With regard to emotion, the question that must always be asked from the perspective of both the buyer and seller is “What’s In It For Me (WIIFMe)?  With this as our premise, the sales psychology is simple.  If you can best identify and best advance the emotional and logical needs of the key individuals for a commitment, you will win the business.  In essence, you are doing is building a relationship rather than making a sale. Your focus is key to your long-term effectiveness.

We intertwine the search for continued real value delivery and the psychology of selling into all that we do.  All the High Value Selling (HVS) processes, tools and concepts are built around this value proposition and all support and help to sustain relationships both internal and external to the organization.  The constantly asked questions are:

  1. What is of real Value in the given situation?
  2. How can I, and/or my company deliver more Value? (WIIF the client?)
  3. How can we be recognized and paid for the Value I deliver? (WIIFMe?)

Key Tools, Processes and Concepts that support sustainable sales & marketing teams:

Selling Value NOT Products/Service

WIIFMe (Personal Motivation)

Account/Opportunity Identification

Account/Opportunity Qualification

Value Quantification/Qualification

Account/Opportunity Roadmaps

Dynamic Relationship Plan

Target Opportunity Reviews

Major Account Reviews

Personal Success Plan (4 Qtrs. Rolling)

Monthly Value Reporting

HVS Education Seminars


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