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Improve productivity and forecasting

Productivity and Forecasting Interlinked

Improved productivity and improved forecasting are interlinked.  Improvement comes when the necessary support, tools, skills, education and motivation are provided for success.  Everyone in the organization must have a clear understanding of the overall goals and specific objectives to which they are to contribute.  Many organizations kill productivity and continually miss the forecast by assigning tops-down impossible quota/targets with ever-changing objectives and on again, off again budget restrictions.  In short, the sales team is focused internally rather than externally, thereby resulting in poor performance in every category. 

Measure Results NOT Activity

In the early days of sales management (when there was a demand market) many salespersons were required to make “X” calls per day with the assumption that a certain percentage of the calls would develop into sales. In those years many managers measured activity rather than real results.  Today we must focus less on activity and more on how to achieve the desired ongoing results. We are in over supply in almost every market; everything is either a commodity or becoming one.  We have trained the customer that the only thing that matters is price.  We do not need salespeople for this type of transaction sale; go to the Internet and get what you want.

Real Sales Professionals Required

Your organization requires real sales professionals (Relationship Managers and Business Consultants) to sell the value of your products and services.  These are professionals who can build relationships and qualify and quantify how they can impact and improve their client’s businesses.  This is accomplished by understanding both the client’s business and the competition, by critically qualifying the opportunity and correctly determining the real value to the client and then delivering that value.  This requires a value-oriented culture with the right processes, skills and disciplines in place throughout the organization.

Keys to Addressing Improvements

The keys to addressing improvements in productivity and forecasting are found in the intelligent ongoing qualification of the opportunities and the use of a customizable, opportunity driven, interactive “Sales Funnel” with periodic strategic “Target Opportunity Reviews.” 

What’s In It for You?

The biggest benefit accrued from increased productivity and forecasting is your company’s ability to have a more controlled and stable growth, a testimony to the management team.  From a more personal value viewpoint, there are fewer changes in direction and periodic restrictions on what can and cannot be done during day-to-day operations.

What Makes Us Different?  Why Us?

We offer significant value in the areas of an integrated approach to account and opportunity qualification, management, tracking and reporting.  We install a customized interactive management system and the associated processes that fit your specific requirements. These include a dynamic response driven, profile based sales funnel that prompts the salesperson and management to the proper action to drive and close the business.

Key Tools, Processes and Concepts that support Improved productivity and forecasting:

Account/Opportunity Qualification

Value Quantification/Qualification

Account/Opportunity Roadmaps

1 Page Business Plan

1 Page Closing Plan

Dynamic Relationship Plan

Target Opportunity Reviews

Major Account Reviews

Sales Funnel - Multi-step

Personal Success Plan (4 Qtrs. Rolling)

Monthly Value Reporting

HVS Education Seminars



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