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Reduce the Surprises for the Executive

Surprises Often Lead to Instability

No one likes surprises unless it good news. In the business environment surprise most often leads to the next crisis or chaos.  Managing in turbulent times is an art form, one that most organizations have yet to master.  Surprises detract from the day-to-day operations, burn resources for little or no return and effectively put the whole organization on the defensive. 

In the public environment external to the organization, surprises often lead to instability in the market, share value fluctuations or a loss of share value.  This can have a dramatic impact on a public company and all its employees, from the top executive to the order fulfillment desk.

The Good News

Surprises can be reduced and nearly eliminated in a sales organization when the right processes are in place. The key is having the right forecasting and planning tools working and all opportunities being intelligently pursued and tracked.


What's In It For You?
Without surprises the company is free to focus on core activities and key business goals, thus improving overall operations.  For the individual fewer surprises mean less distraction, fewer non-productive meetings and “fire drills.”  Life for everyone throughout the corporation is good when the people at the top are happy and not surprised.


What Makes Us Different/Why Us?

Few consulting organizations focus on how to eliminate surprises for the executive.  We see it as designing quality into a product rather than trying to inspect it in.  Our entire approach centers on increasing the professionalism of the whole organization by focusing on what is of value and how that value can be translated into results, as opposed to systematically targeting one aspect and measuring activity.  We know it takes a wholistic approach and personal and corporate discipline for success.

Key Tools, Processes and Concepts that support executive surprise reduction:

Value Quantification/Qualification

1 Page Business Plan

1 Page Closing Plan

Dynamic Relationship Plan

Target Opportunity Reviews

Major Account Reviews

Sales Funnel - Multi-step

Personal Success Plan (4 Qtrs. Rolling)

Monthly Value Reporting

HVS Education Seminars



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